Bahati and wife

Gospel artiste Bahati has shut down his EMB record label citing hypocrisy in the industry as the main reason.

Speaking on his YouTube channel titled End of an era, the Mama hit singer said he received a lot of hate on social media especially after he dragged Peter Blessing to court.

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Kenyans were not surprised by the move and below are reactions from social media.

vicmassluodollar Just finished watching this on YouTube – Deep sana – you have done your part and may God keep lifting you, apart from you being gospel artist and stuff you have helped Kenyan entertainment industry grow in general. God bless you bro keep winning @bahatikenya

Martyn After doing what you did to Mr Seed that was end of it, MR SEED was the big deal in your label not forgetting David Wonder, you signed WEEZDOM who helped to end it, refresh your mind and change.

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Pesh Peshy  I once said that thunder will strike you harder than corona Masterpiece ako wapi ashuhudie hoteli ikifungwa

Janet Akinyi All you’re talking about is helping people. Christians don’t do that. Tenda wema nenda zako.

Doracas Nafula Machozi ya Mr Seed,, David Wonder na Peter Blessing. This is just the begging of your downfall.

Dianah Gatwiri Samuel The Gospel Industry is full of scandals and hypocrisy….. people are no longer serving God, just after making money….. Soooooo Sad, God help us!

Irene Mark Limao Have watched your video ….and some issues I agree especially the rotten industry … said the label was not a business but to support the less fortunate then why are you saying Peter blessing cant post any video on the YouTube untill he pays back the 2milion 39k….and again his name is under your label…make me understand this Bahati..I feel for him coz it’s like ulimfunga he can’t do anything unless you release him??

eng_d.o.donald Go to school. Learn how to live with others. Money is not education.

m4jofficial lakini KiKi sio Rahisi Kutafuta. Wacha Kiki, SYMPATHY sio Rahisi kutafuta Kwanza Ukianza Kusota! 😆

chiefokuzo Hii si kiki 😒🤔🤔….. Mayb he’s renovating it.

Frank Kamau END OF THE EMB HOTEL what a nice move mtoto ma diana

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jayfelki 😂😂anafanyana tu juu mulamwa aliteta huyu anataka remorse we know Kenya 😂😂😂😂scaaam

Njihia Wa Muiruri Bahati and Willy Paul should not be considered gospel artists. We have real gospel artists who have never deviated from what they have been doing for many many years. There is no doubt talent mnayo but don’t confuse gospel music with business. You have changed it to business instead ya kuwa ministry. So kijana,whether u close EMB or not,injili bado itatembea na the real gospel artists

Shiroh Mwangi Truth be told, hakuna gospel hii Kenya. Biashara tu in the name of God and too many scandals. Only countable artists are doing ministry the likes of mercy masika and evelyn wanjiru the rest are just crap

Benjamin Mwanzi God is faithful I think it’s high time Gospel industry to be taken with seriousness it deserves,The purpose of EMB was to produce or record Songs that will transform and change live of people but if you have decided that it’s okay but come back to your senses Gospel is not Secular you do the way you Wish,May God open your eyes the reason why you are this may you think you are opened for your Follows no,may God is going to raise Remnants who will not Joke when doing kingdom Business, May God bless and expand Gospel ministry, Bible says pride comes before are Fall, have realized some Gospel artist they don’t have Mentors that’s the biggest mistake God have mercy.

Kevine Ochieng That Kashosh will bring you down completely. To me, she looks more or less a slay queen than a wife. Let me mind my own business for now.

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