Timmy T Dat had a run in with the law of the weekend.

A viral video seen by Mpasho.co.ke shows Timmy being pulled from his car by two cops as two watchmen look on.

Timmy can be seen resisting arrest and saying,

“Munani harass.”

This comes days after Timmy features the daughter of a mheshimiwa in a music video that is salacious as they come.

It has skimpily dressed women and some girl on girl action.

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Timmy told Mpasho,

“Kuna video ilikua inafaa itoke. Mimi sikujua ni mtoi wa MP. Mimi nililipa modelling agency. Ndio nikasikia kuna mtoi fulani wa MP ametumika ikakua tricky kuitoa.”

He added:

“Tulibonga na MP alidai si picha poa kwa mtoi wake kufanya video kama hizo. Team yangu ilitry kubonga nayeye imwambie hii ni kazi but yeye akaona huyo ni mtoi amesoma law ame-invest pesa mob sana kwake.”

Adding, “Siwezi shoot tena. Mimi nimelipa director na cameramen. Sasa mimi ningejuaje ni mtoi wa MP? Niko na time gani ya kuenda kuuliza dem buda yako ni nani?”

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It is not clear if Timmy was being arrested in connection to the music video.

He however cleared the air in a tweet.

“Mistaken identity it was,more blessings to the Kasabunians (fans) time to enjoy the freedom.”

Timmy T Dat Tweet
Timmy T Dat Tweet

Watch the video of Timmy getting arrested.

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