Ella Ciiru
Ella Ciiru

TV actress Ella Ciiru who currently stars on KTN’s Socialites TV show has spoken out about her leaked naughty tape.

“When you live through a storm and become the peace after it,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Ella revealed that someone she trusted and had sent the private video to turned around and blackmailed her about leaking it.

She posted a screenshot of the now former lover demanding she pays him Ksh 20,000 so that he doesn’t leak the tape.

Ella Ciiru shares screen shot of communication with blackmailer
Ella Ciiru shares a screenshot of communication with the blackmailer

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Narrating her gruelling ordeal of discovering the man had leaked the tape, Ella explained,

“Tough times don’t last, tough people, do. Some people on social media streets feed on misery. So let me own this and take their power away,” she started out saying.

“Intimate pictures and videos of me are being shared on social media. They were never meant for public distribution. Strictly for a person, I chose to trust.
A simple story of Girl meets Boy. I fell for him and gave all of me. He ransomed my dignity at 20,000 Shillings and released our intimate communication, knowing that it shall be shared, go viral and become clickbait.”

Ella Ciiru
Ella Ciiru

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Ella added, “My friends, sending my vulnerable images to others only breathes further life into my personal nightmare. I ask you to deny this extortionist their power. My parents may not be with us, but I’m still someone’s daughter. Please don’t share.”

She continued, “If you are or have gone through this experience, you’re not alone, and it’s definitely not our fault. This has left me feeling scared, unsafe and worried about my future. However, I refuse to be threatened, shamed or humiliated. To my Support System (Instafam) thanks for your endless patience and compassion. No malicious comments, no victim-shaming has been expressed towards me by you. Asante.”

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