Elizabeth Lulu Micheal
Elizabeth Lulu Micheal

Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Lulu Michael is charged with the alleged killing of the late bongo movie star Steven Kanumba.

Kanumba succumbed to death in April 2012 after a heated argument between the two of them. Lulu says the deceased wanted to attack her with a Panga after which he fell down and was unconscious. She then ran for her life only to get the news that Kanumba was no more.

A witness who happened to be Kanumba’s doctor in 2011, found out that Kanumba’s brain was not receiving oxygen well. In the same year, her patient is said to have gone to remove poison that was said to be in his body, according to what the witness said.

‘I Didn’t Kill Kanumba’ Actress Denies Murder Charges

A council of elders says according to the hearing of the case, Lulu did not kill the late Kanumba intentionally.

Lulu Kanumba1
Lulu And Kanumba

After Kanumba’s death, Lulu was detained for almost half a year and her hearing was done last week which took five days.

The next hearing will be done on 13 November.