Elani baby!

Kenya’s talented band is back. After taking a break for a while, they are back, bigger and better. Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Maureen had so much energy for their new album.

Colours of Love they say is an album that has nothing but the best for Kenyans after they took a long hiatus. The main reason they went quiet they say is because they needed to straighten a few things up.

The album cover
The album cover

its everyone’s story  if you think about it everyone has gone through it all young and old

Coming up with such an album Elani say was not easy and to make something good they needed the time. One thing Brian Chweya said is that they learned from the experience that working under pressure was not good for them.

The band smiling


Wambui was clear that in the album, there was a song for everyone in every phase of love. They explain that the album did not go as they had planned. They said:

We didn’t script anything. when recording the songs there was no plan. we decided we will do music from our hearts no pressure just close ourselves and do music that is from our heart and when we were done we saw there is a pattern.

In the interview, one thing that was very evident was that they are passionate about their new album and they can not wait for their fans to listen and dedicate the song to their loved ones.

Their first song Heartbeat is a song they hope their fans can dedicate to the ones they love because it is on the first colour of love, yellow. This is a phase of love where it is all the sunshine and happiness.

Check out the interview below:

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