Sylvia Dydda, wife to gospel artiste Eko Dydda says that her husband was taken to KMTC for testing of covid 19.This was after he was arrested on Saturday night.

Slyvia says Dydda had gone to buy medicine for her since she has high blood pressure and a high heart pulse that has led to facial palsy and other complications that have affected her mobility.

The singer’s car got a puncture and the curfew caught up with him. He was arrested and taken to Kilimani

On Saturday, my medicines ran out and my husband, Eko Dydda, father to our two amazing kids decided to go buy them. He went to a pharmacy near our neighborhood, in the late afternoon, but he couldn’t find the medication. He then decided to drive to Nairobi CBD where he found and bought the medication.

On his way home, he got a puncture at around 6:30pm and by the time he had fixed it, it was about 6:50pm. He continued with the journey home and on reaching Ngong Road, near Coptic Hospital, he found a police road block at around 7:10pm. He was stopped and arrested. The police had commissioned a breakdown truck and every car that violated the curfew was being towed to Kilimani Police Station. The car owner was then put in a police vehicle and driven to the Police Station.

The officer manning the Occurrence Book asked if l had money to pay bail for my husband, following which he would be required to appear at Milimani Court on Monday.

After getting out of cell, the two received calls from police to go back and on returning, he was taken to an isolation centre.

She told Eko that someone who was in the cells with him had died and he should go back to record a statement.

We arrived back at the station at around 12:30pm. Eko was re-arrested and they took back the receipts they had given us but, luckily, l had taken pictures. The officer who had issued us with the bail told us to take back our money because the bail had been cancelled by the boss.

 taken to the quarantine center at KMTC. He told me there were about 200 people there. He was given a blanket and a bed.

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This comes just after Police spokesman said that police will not detain those arrested for traffic and petty offences in a move to decongest police cells and halt possible spread of coronavirus.

Police spokesman Charles Owino on Tuesday said those arrested will be required to pay instant bonds and fines through cashless means.

“We have been deliberate in ensuring decongestion in the police cells. The decision to avoid detaining petty offenders arrested during this coronavirus scare adds to this objective”