It is always interesting to talk about singer Akothee who knows how to keep it real and not sugar coat issues.

One thing that got us this time round from the mother of five was the unique names the singer gave her children.

Through a post on Instagram where Akothee showcased to fans her matrimonial home when she was married to her baby daddy Jared Okello, it is almost impossible to ignore the interesting names of her children with one son said to have passed away when he was just 8 months old.

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It is always a vibe with Akothee, from terming herself as the president of single mothers to praising her baby daddy Jared Okello, to throwing lavish parties not forgetting her other side of getting in the groove by working on the farm.

The singer is certainly one of those celebrities one cannot ignore. She has since last year taken to her social media platforms to shower her baby daddy, Jared, the father of Vesha, Rue baby and Fancy with praises and the love goes further with her visiting her matrimonial home and revealing to fans her former husband’s mother whom she couldn’t help but praise and thank her for taking care of her.

In the post, Akothee showed fans her matrimonial home, she mentioned Jared as the father of her four children by mentioning her children’s real name that got fans tongue-tied. Akothee has given birth to six children with the second born, her first son died young and was buried in the compound at the back of the house.

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Here is the order of her children from the firstborn to the last born;

· Vesha Awuor Akello- Her firstborn child who graduated late last year in style after taking the internet by storm following her lavish graduation party.

· Retret Robert Woody Okello– This was the singer’s firstborn son and the second born in the family who unfortunately died at just 8 months and got buried at Akothee’s matrimonial home.

· Celine Dion Aggry Brown Okello- You might be thinking hard on who this is but worry not named after Canadian songbird Celine Dion came to be model Rue Baby.

· Prudence Vanpelt Okello– She is the quiet one and just like her elder sister Rue Baby Prudence does not refer to herself by her actual name but rather is known to fans as Fancy.

· Prince Ojwang’– Akothee’s first son to her mzungu baby daddy goes by an interesting name of Prince Ojwang’ which by the way sounds amazing.

· Oyoo the Prince– Looks like both of Akothee’s sons are princes judging by their interesting names. Oyoo makes the last born in the family and the blend of an English and Luo name makes his name sound amazing.

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