Edgar Ogutu has known the pain and suffering that death of a loved one can bring. Sad thing is that he may experience that feeling again if some doctors predictions are to be believed.

The radio presenter, lost his wife to cancer last year. Only months later, Mr Ogutu has received devastating news from the same doctor who told him about his wife’s impending death. Now he has been told his son may not live beyond his 12th birthday.

Edgar Ogutu lost his wife to leukaemia last December. The disease is a cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow. Their eight-year-old son’s life is also under threat from a blood disorder.

The boy, named Kunta Kinte, has severe anaemia and needs a bone marrow transplant before August 2018. Ogutu said:

“We have been struggling and we are struggling to keep him alive. The doctor already told me that Kinte may not live beyond his 12th birthday. The same thing that the doctor told me about my wife. Since my wife’s burial, Kinte has not received the required medical attention because I do not have insurance. My children are not at home because my house was locked by the landlord.”

His children are with his mother-in-law while Kinte lives with a friend around Nairobi Hospital because of his condition.

His wife’s medical bill at Nairobi Hospital amounted to Sh1 million before she was transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital, where she died. He plans to take his son to Germany for more treatment if the money becomes available.

Courtesy of Standardmedia

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