What would you do if you had all the money in the world? Well, not all of it – but more money than you can spend in your lifetime (perhaps more than your grandchildren can spend)? You would probably do some amazing things, try some truly unique experiences, taste some especially rare foods and wines, perhaps even travel to all the places you dreamed of seeing.

And what would you do after you did all this? Some people, even with a massive fortune behind them, stay out of the spotlight, living a humble life, while others find even more exciting and – let’s face it – eccentric habits that turn heads wherever they are.

Nina “Little Sweetie” Wang

Nina Wang was one of the richest women burning the world’s most expensive fuel in Hong Kong until her passing in 2007. She was the widow of a local chemical magnate Teddy Wang and had a net worth of around $4.7 billion (Ksh.485 billion) at the time. At one point, she was five times richer than Elisabeth, the Queen of Britain. And despite her net worth and unimaginable riches, she was one of the most tight-fisted billionaires ever.

Although having billions, Nina Wang and her husband went as far as eating at McDonald’s, shopping at outlet stores, buying cut-price tickets to shows, and generally, leading a frugal life. Reportedly, she kept her family’s monthly expenditure below Ksh.290,000.

Robert Klark Graham

Robert Klark Graham was an optometrist who made a fortune by inventing shatter-proof lenses for use in eyeglasses. His interest in eyes and glasses was not his only passion, though – his dream was to create a generation of genii by breeding them using selected sperm from Nobel prize-winning donors. There is no word on how many of the more than 200 children conceived through the program he funded became bona fide genii – his sperm bank, called “Repository for Germinal Choice”, closed two years after his passing in 1999.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Finally, let’s take a look at a beauty whose affinity for cosmetic surgery turned her into the arguably ugliest billionaires ever. Jocelyn Wildenstein was a Swiss socialité who married Alec N. Wildenstein, an American billionaire Alec N. Wildenstein. The two met at his Kenyan ranch “Ol Jogi” where he expressed his admiration for large felines. To please her husband, Jocelyn underwent a series of plastic surgeries to look like a big cat – unfortunately, these left her unattractive enough for her husband to seek consolation in the arms of a 19-year-old model. The affair ended in a divorce – and Jocelyn left the marriage as a billionaire after pocketing $2.5 billion in settlements.

The money didn’t last forever, though – after leading an extravagant lifestyle, Jocelyn filed for bankruptcy last year.

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