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Cheating is an art some Kenyan men have mastered overtime and it is time to expose their lies. Gone are the days where women walilalia maskio.

Below are some of the lies ladies should learn not to fall for.

  1. Unakam sleepover lini

We have all heard this phrase at one point or the other from men who have no guts of directly asking for s@x.

They ask you over in the hope that you will give in to temptations. Some succeed, others do not.

Unless you are sure you want to bed that man, sleep overs are a big NO.

2. Utakuja kuona mahali naishi when?

Crazy as it may sound, some men will constantly ask a woman when they will go see where they live in an aim to make se3ual advances.

Of what value is it if you see where they live?

The next time a man tells you that, be a savage and tell them to take a photo of the house and send you the photos.

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3. Kam tuchil na tunetflix

Men who have wifi in their houses feel like they have a direct ticket to heaven. In an attempt to lure you to bed, they will invite you to go Netflix.

They will make you doubt your sanity by showing you how expensive and tiring it is to go get a movie copied to a CD.

The next time a man uses that line, tell them to find a better pick up line.

4. I respect you I cannot do something you don’t want

These men are a true definition of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They will try showing you how good they are, yet when you are at their place they cannot get their hands over you, eww

5. Kam nikupikie

Some men assume that just because women love men who cook, it’s automatic that a woman will run to their place once they offer to cook.

Well, women are smart nowadays and it’s easy to understand why that line does not work anymore.

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6. Mi ni mtu wa biashara

We have all met this one man who always says that they are a business man. They will paint a picture of how they supply stuff to organizations.

In real sense, some of these men are sponsored by old women, so before you pull down your pants do some investigation.

7. Kuna pesa nangoja mahali

These men will want to meet you yet cannot even pay for anything.

They will constantly whine about how someone they lent money has refused to pay him back. These men are commonly referred to as ‘wezi wa mapenzi.’

They will do everything –  pull chairs, call you babe, give you massages, and eventually get to your pants but they will never spend a dime on you.

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