A video has emerged on social media showing two men executing a daring daylight robbery in Nairobi’s Eastleigh estate.

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In the video, a man dressed in a white shirt and white pair of trousers is seen walking on an alley before he is ambushed by another man, who is fully clad in black clothes.

Moments later, a different man approaches him from behind and holds him tightly as the first man forcefully reaches into his pockets presumably to take his phone and wallet.

The second man is also seen drawing something from his pocket and uses it to stab the victim. This is before he is slapped and punched by the man fully dressed in black.

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What is surprising is that the mugging only lasted 10 seconds while no one even seemed to bother to help him. Everyone went about their business quite oblivious of everything.

After being mugged, the man is seen heading towards the same direction as his assailants and it is not clear whether he was attempting to pursue them.

He is seen holding his neck which many believe was stabbed while one woman who had watched everything unfold looks on in shock.

Check out the video below.

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