E-Sir’s family has reminisced their life together before he died 17 years ago.

During an interview with comedian Daniel Ndambuki on Churchill Show, E-Sir’s mother said her son loved music but at first she did not want him to join the music industry.

“He told me he will do something that I will see is important so I even went to the studio to see if indeed he plays the guitar,” she said.

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The sister said E-Sir was a protective brother.

“We had serious conversations and we used to play, he used to tell me about life and I’m able to apply that in life. I used to play with him. I miss that,” she said.

E-Sir died while on his way back to Nairobi from a concert in Nakuru. Nameless, one of Kenya’s legends in the music industry, survived the accident.

His brother remembered him as a kind guy who loved God.

“He used to  all his songs at 3am and knew he was going to be a great person. His relationship with God was close so that’s why even right now people remember him,” he said.

E-Sir is remembered for hit songs including Moss Moss, Saree, Kamata, Leo Ni Leo, Maisha and the electric Bomba Train.

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