A Kenyan man from Kangemi was charged with committing unnatural offence contrary to section 162(a) of the penal code at the Kibera Law Courts on Wednesday. The man is said to have forced his pregnant wife to have an*l se3 with him.

He was accused of committing the offence on diverse dates between August 2020 and November 2020 in Kangemi.

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His wife of four years reported the matter to the police and she revealed that she begged him not do perform the act because she wasn’t comfortable.

‘We have been living a happy marriage life until August when he started behaving abnormally and in August this year he started forcing me to have an*l se3 with him,’ she told the police.


‘I told him that I was not comfortable but… when I asked him why he was doing that to me he told me that he can do anything with me because I was his wife.’

She said she went to hospital but even after the treatment, she developed sitting problems. He denied the charges and was released on bond.

Kenyans on social media have condemned the act and below is what some had to say about the incident.

Wema Dickson Sasa nani atalea mtoto?

Creame De Creme A sad day to be alive

Alex Ruig Terrible….red flag! Move gal move..

Chelagat Chumba Beast😡😡😡

Anderson Amutabi Life imprisonment is best… fellow prisoners must punish him accordingly 😱😱😱

Khatundi Wati And the way sometimes in pregnancy someone develops haemorrhoids..oohh God

Nicholas Muchomba Am sure from so many perspectives the institution of marriage is under serious threat. Values of companionship are more. I bet this is just one case representing the perverse and elusiveness of our society

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Stephen Mutinda Sodom and Gomorrah indeed

George Owino I think the guy needs a psychiatrist

Prince Joel What is going on with this generation 🤔