Slay queens at a car wash

Not so long ago a ‘classy’ car wash was opened along Thika road and what struck the eyes of many, was the beautiful chics or in short slay queens working there. Skimpily dressed and some even in bikinis, their dress code indeed attracts many customers. Slay queens will be the end of us!

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But most Kenyans are not happy. They claim these beauties are promoting immorality in the society and that they should be stopped as soon as possible. Such things only appear in dancehall videos by Jamaican artistes.

Well, some Kenyans are calling upon Ezekiel Mutua, the Kenya Film Classification Board ( KFCB) CEO to take action immediately.

Slay queens at a car wash

Check out the reactions from concerned Kenyans

Philis: Whaa it looks like not a car wash alone

Wanjiku: This is evil.when will some women respect their bodies and not be used as objects for someone else’s selfish gain.Wake up women, who are doing this.

Brenda: The way the devil welcomes you to hell. He dangles and you follow..hivyo tu ndo MTU ujikuta hell bila kujielewa.

Stacy: What are they trying to advertise?

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Rose: This is the ridiculous thing ever.nonsense
Massawe Japanni: Waristhis

Lillian: Beauty contest, carwash or what? Mine can’t be cleaned by half-naked women

Slay queens at a car wash

Joe: This is how cheap girls have lowered themselves to become

Gordon: Ezekiel Mutua, does social media advertisement fall under your docket?.This is not good, the Government need to ban such advertisement, they are evil.Women being used to advertise a place in a pretext of cleaning cars while half-naked?.

Caro: This looks more if desperation

Terry: not being judgmental but do they have parents, relatives or friends who will mind how they are dressed?

Soloh: There are so many ways of killing a cat. Milking men dry

Slay queens at a car wash

Euner: It’s known na prostitution….

Warui: Wololo hii club itamalizia wanaume haki.’

Gachoki: Eschatology!!

Dave: Prayers changes things,

Ali: There’s more than car wash. They are advertising Sabina Joy

Dennis: Satan has full control of the world.Imagine these are not animals but daughters of men

Esther: They are a disgrace to womanhood

Florence: Car wash my foot!!! That’s too immoral

Limo: Do these girls have mothers and fathers??????