The charismatic church world is getting out of hand! Fake pastors all over from the days of sowing seeds worth Sh 310 to miracle babies.

We have heard stories of pastors who even sleep with their female congregants so that the lady can get a baby through ‘the spirit of god’. Another other obnoxious story was of a pastor who would pray for you as he rests his hand on your lucious breasts.

These trends are now getting out of hand.


A pastor asked his female congregation to suck his private parts and partake in the ‘holy milk’.

By holy milk, he was referring to his semen which would be a form of holy nourishment.

You could see from the picture that these ladies were actually in disgust despite the desperation of acquiring God’s blessing.

Huyu Ni Nabii Kweli? Jehovah Jireh Church Pastor Accused Of Conning Followers Money To Buy Jet Engine

Many churches have come up and they all have certain forms of ‘rules’ for their followers. What I don’t understand is that these ‘followers’ actually fall victim to such scams all in the name of acquiring blessings of ‘the lord’.
Is it ever that serious?


All I would say is, read your bible and pray every day if you want to grow in Christ It doesn’t require some out of the world actions from scammers who go by the name ‘pastors or ‘men of the clothe’

Check out the picture below of the followers just after some holy milk nourishment: