There are football fan and there are pure fanatics of the sport.

Moses Mashaka was one such fanatic. The past weekend saw a must watch football face off. Kama kawaida there are the ones who bet placing money, houses cars and recently wives.

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The game became dramatic at some point the biggest Liverpool player, Salah was injured and he had to leave.

That was the end of Liverpool winning that game. So Real Madrid took the cup home. With the fanatics having placed a bet or two, the ones on the Liverpool side had to give up a lot.

One, Moses Mashaka had to give up his life.

According to a report from Global Publishers, Moses had placed a bet and when he lost, he decided to tie a rope round his neck, in his room and hang himself. It is not clear what Moses had lost in this gamble, but it must have been something big.

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Moses was a 24-year-old second-year student studying Bachelor of Education at St. Augustine University in Tanzania. Liverpool lost to Real Madrid 1 goal to 3. He took his life immediately after the match ended. He just walked straight to his room and hang himself.

Tanzanian police commander, Taib urges students to refrain from addictive gambling, urging them to appropriately use money sent to them by their parents.

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This is not the only reported case. In 2009 an Arsenal fan hang himself at Pipeline estate after Arsenal lost to Manchester United 1-3.

Another case in the same place in Pipeline, a man jumped off from the 7th floor of the apartment after Manchester lost to New Castle 0-1.

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