Age was catching up with me and I was a worried man since I didn’t have a house at home. But from SportPesa I once (in 2015) won Sh20,000 and immediately invested that in erecting a house at home. I can now say that I’m a happy man thanks to betting

This is a quote from one Ojijo who decided to name his newborn son Sportpesa after he won a bet when he really needed the money to pay the hospital bill. Ojijo says he did not have enough money to settle the hospital bill for his wife after giving birth and he did not have a plan as to where he would get enough money to sustain the family. OJijo is a juakali artisan and with that, you can never be too sure when the money will come, there are days you can go dry!

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So when his wife was almost due, Ojijo kept placing bets in the hope that he would win. Guess what? He won himself 20,000 four times in a row and with the money he won, he managed to start building a house for the family. Well because of his lucky win, he decided to name his child Sportpesa because the son came just when he won the bet. He terms his son as good luck to his life.

I’m one guy who is alive because of betting. As we speak, I have a one-year-old son whose name is SportPesa because were it not for SportPesa, I wouldn’t have managed to pay the hospital bill and take care of the baby

Life was tough for him when he came to Nairobi seeking greener pastures. He had a wife to fend for and when life became unbearably hard he began working in construction sites. At the same time, they were expecting a baby. With nothing to lose he decided to try his hand at betting.