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By now you know the ‘Githeri Man’ who has been making headlines during the elections. This guy was spotted with Githeri in his hands as he enjoyed his meal waiting on the long queue to finally cast his vote.

Since then, he has caught Kenya’s social media eye and is now a celebrity… Just like that. Without too much effort or publicity stunts.

Well, here are things you need to know about this ‘Githeri Man’

  1. His real name is Martin Kimotho

2.He lives in Kayole, where he cast his vote in Imara school, Kayole, where his photo while feasting on Githeri was taken.

3. He has a wife and 1 daughter

4.Before he went viral, he did not know a thing about social media. His aunt called him and showed him how he had been trending.

Githeriman, told Citizen TV

“Simu niliitiwa na my aunt, akanionyesha saa zingine tuko na trump tunashuka ndege, tuko na Raila na mdogo wake, Kenyatta pia na mdogo wake na niko hapo katikati nikikula githeri.Tena nikajiona niko na pope niko katikati namzungu mwingine.”

5. He never thought he would be a celebrity

“Hata mimi singefikiria naweza fika mahali kama hapa, hata maisha yangu singefikiria kufika hapa.Lakini nimeona nimefika huku.” Githeri man

6. His nickname is ‘Mayoyo’ a name he was given by children but does not know the meaning behind it.

7.He works with the county government as a cleaner in Dandora phase 1.

8. He was received like a president on Thursday afternoon by Kayole residents when he graced national TV.

9. He is about to do a commercial for one of the biggest consumable products companies in town.

10.He bought his githeri for 20 bob. He was hungry at the time that he was queueing to vote, he looked around and saw most shops were closed and opted for githeri. He says that he started queuing on Monday at 11:00PM

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Githeri Man


Githeri Man


Githeri Man


Githeri Man



Githeri Man



Githeri Man