Zari has not been having an easy time especially after the recent death of ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga who left her with three kids to look after.



Ivan Zari

Ivan’s lavish lifestyle was among the things people admired and even posted pics in his remembrance.



We are pretty much aware that at funerals emotions run high with those affected each wanting to show they cared for the late .

One of Ivan’s Sister had a share of nasty words for Zari after she allegedly refused to allow her to come near her children.

“Are we not your aunties?  How can you do that to us, we didn’t know that you are such a bad woman Zari,” she shouted on top of her voice.

Cyber bullies have  also taken advantage of her current predicament, with some saying she was only after Ivan’s money and using the kids as a bargaining chip.

However, Zari has responded as she expressed her sorrow towards such statements .





”Lakini why why why mtu atukanweee weee asemwee kipindi kibaya cha uchungu na mawazo kama hiki hivi jamani mnajua kufiwa kweli wenzangu mbona hili la zari kutukanwa limenishinda kabsa kuvumulia…
Mtazameni huyo mtoto mdogo kwenye pic anamtazama babaake kwenye pic aliyoishika huku akitabasam utafikiri anasema baba upo umeenda kutembea siku moja utaRudi tuu.”