Moses Kanyira

A former Kameme FM presenter Moses Kanyira is contemplating suicide after he was fired by the MediaMax NETWORK.

Moses Kanyira

According to many, Kanyira’s mother is sick and he was the breadwinner hence the suicidal thoughts.

‘It made me feel like God was punishing me and I contemplated suicide,’ Kanze Dena breaks down in tears, narrating how she lost her daughter

Moses Kanyira posted a heartbreaking message on his Facebook account which read:

“Am passing the most trying period in my life. if it is not my God, this can amount to commit suicide.”

Many have sympathized and advised him not to take away his life but stay strong.

Here are some of the comments:

Lucy Njuguna: God is in control

Muthoni Wa Nduati:  Everyone has their low moments…but always remember God is there for you and he will open more better avenues. It might seem impossible but it’s possible with God, just be patient and pray to him and look for other means to fend for yourself.

Moses Kanyira

Alicia Baiby: Don’t do it bro, ngae uria urakuhete wira kuuu noegukuhe ungi

Grace Wairimu: Trust in the lord bro, and he will do mighty things in your life

Hellen Ben: Be strong En never ever my bro think of such a thing we have God of a second chance….there may seem the darkest moment but remember you will overcome…praying for u.

Shiku Kimani: Something good is about to happen. Take heart bro..we need you

Anita John: This is serious. just trust in God

Beatty Muguro:  Don’t try committing suicide bro

Anita Ann Ann: Be strong sir.  Kuna mtu anapitia kali kukuliko wewe. Kuna mwingine alipitia na akatomboa!!!jikaze