Kibra Artiste Stivo

Stivo Simple Boy is one of the most talented artistes of our generation. His music carries deep messages, educates and focuses on some of the problems affecting society.

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On February 20, he released Tuheshimu Ndoa, a dope jam that so far has garnered 210k views on YouTube.

But to some, they aren’t feeling it.

From mean to negative comments, Kibra’s finest has been trolled on social media over the song and below are some of the mixed reactions;

Victor Mativo This is a real gentleman, produces hits and trends without drama. One people will understand his mission. Naona watu Siku hizi hawataki clean songs ni matusi tu.

Richie Wachira Trashiest African musician….Period!😠. Arudi China

ryzller_ Itaharibu Buruwein.

Kipkemboi Kiprono This guy is living his dream. Haters drove him to the top.

Shïë Mämäkë Mïllïcëñt Is he married in the first place?? Virgin boy🤣🤣🤣 ah taniua.

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oscar_samuels Zima hio kitu unatumia😁.

Kezy Kazina Have watched this video like 5 times and I support simple boy that song has a message.

Nasiali Newtones Kidogo kidogo tutaona amefungua studio and signing artists .😂 Please stop him before he lays eggs 😂.

Jecones Jey Jey This man is just a cartoon awache ujinga.

Stivo Simple Boy
Kibra’s finest

jaluo.jeuri Stivo buana…unatuharibu buruwen…iyo Ngoma mpya ya tuheshimu ntowa iko Sawa..🤣.

suzzianaeveamisi Utaskia wengine wakikudanganya eti uko smart.

natiphuseibaba 😂wakenya bana yan we jamaa nisawa na hormorapa 😂 katafte kazi ya kufanya.

Derek Nyagaka The photographer and that dancer guy should be arrested 😂😂😂.

Yohana Mwema Whoever dressed him like that should be in kamiti by now.. Chiiiinekeeeeeeeee🙉🙉🙉.

ibraderosi001 Ever since you started ‘singing’ I left music.

The Mihadharati hitmaker is all about positive vibes and he shared a post thanking his fans for supporting him.

Tulisema hii ni sinema, thanks kwa support mnazidi kunipea across hapa kwetu East Africa na dunia yote… Tunatrend namba three thanks kwa support yenu wote na let’s keep sharing the word, Mungu awabariki.

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