First of all Happy Easter, y’all!

Now that the holiday is here, it’s obvious that most people are happy for the holiday and free time away from work. But it seems that’s not the case for most Kenyan male celebrities. They have the free time but no one to spend it with. No loved ones. 

Well, most of your favorite celebrities are spending cold nights alone during this long holiday. You obviously want to know whom I’m talking about;

J Blessing

Chantelle-and-Jblessing3-e1438339599625-2zllbs3oimrrac1mgl7sayIt seems that the marriage of J Blessings, a video director with his actress wife Chantelle has failed.

Jibril Blessing and Chantelle parted ways a long time ago but kept things on the down low. Hence the reason why Chantelle – real name Winnie Wambui Naisula – was recently spotted by Mpasho lip locking a  tycoon identified by the name Erskine Kiliru at an event in Privee.

Surprisingly, J Blessing and the Toklezea one-hit-wonder had already parted ways and were not living together anymore. Before that, rumour mill had it that Chantelle was having an affair with a popular comedian which catalyzed their ‘divorce.’ 

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Timmy Tdat

Some of his fans call him King Timmy. Maybe because he is an expert when it comes to lasses. The Welle Welle hitmaker has been linked to many hot lasses among them the ex-girlfriend Kush Tracy, recently engaged Viviane, Avril, and the famous Mafeelings mega star Dela. After Dela ditched him, he is spending this holiday all alone, perhaps writing break-up lyrics.

I remember the famous Wahenga saying: “Mtaka Yote Hukosa Yote.”


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You might have thought that it was time for Prezzo to settle down and have a peace of his mind. Well, this socialite of a rapper doesn’t seem to think like you, my friend. Since he divorced his ex-wife Daisy Kiplagat, the My City My Town has been chasing after lasses from left to right. Talk of Huddah, Noti Flow, the late Goldie Harvey, Sheila Mwanyigha, socialite Michelle Yola and many others, Prezzo is just that guy who smashes them all. But who’s laughing now, at his age, Prezzo is still single.


Sean Andrew

Let me acknowledge the fact that he comes from a powerful political family. But unlike other Kibaki’s grand children, Sean has put his life out there, from his education, career to his relationship.

Late last year, the rich kid broke the Internet after he had a nasty breakup with YouTubegirlfriendnd Elodie Zone. To add salt to the injuries, he called her ‘toxic’. Thanks to his ‘insults’ he is spending a lonely Easter in one of the flamboyant places in town.

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Sean Kibaki

Nick Mutuma

He is hot…super hot…as in sizzling hot. Mafisilets, TIBIM!

He dated uber cute chic Bridgette Shigadi. It did not take long for all the Mafisilets to rejoice over their break up. Then came Tanasha Oketch who was rumoured to date the sexy lad and after the lass appeared at Ali Kiba’s video Nagharamia, it was not long after they called it quits. Now, Nick is singo. Yaani, he is the proverbial ‘looks without lasses’! Mafisilets jibambeni sasa.


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His marriage with Yvette Nungari lasted about 11 months before it hit rock bottom. At one point DNG told Willis Raburu on air that his divorce is final. Since then DNG hasn’t been linked to any lass…as yet.



He is known as the most romantic Kenyan singer. Ndegz has the looks! Mpasho has found out that with all these looks, singer Ndegz is single. The gentleman who warmed many ladies’ heart with his song Kuruka, must be spending this holiday alone. That said, let me campaign for you. All single ladies look for this man, you might be his number 1.

ndegz 2