The coronavirus lockdown came and ruined everyone’s lives. Clubs were closed, jobs were lost and most people who were working suddenly went back to zero. Universities were among the first to be shut down and with it went a lot of relationships.

A lot of campus students had to go back to shags since the only thing that had been keeping them in Nairobi was no more; school.

Among students, campus couples felt this shut down the most. You were there with your campus girlfriend planning how you will ‘tesa’ this 2020. COVID – 19 came in laughing at you, right now you are in your parents’ house in Kitengela and your girlfriend is washing sufurias in Eldoret.

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Distance is relationships’ worst enemy especially when there is little trust in your entanglement.

During the first few weeks of Lock down, most campus couples were chatting of how they will make up for lost time once corona is over.

Both of you were always on whats app or long midnight calls of ‘aki nmekumiss’. Its been almost eight months since the first lockdown was announced, the excitement has died down and now most couples no longer talk to each other; they got tired of waiting for the country to reopen.

Most relationships went from let’s move in together to long-distance real quick. With distance comes insecurity, mistrust and lots of fights.

On the real though you want to tell me for eight months your girlfriend in Eldoret has not been smashed, mind you she had grown accustomed to regular sex when in school. There is a limit to how many times a girl can say NO, plus eight months of no orgasms woooah!

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Being stupid is a choice, if you believe that up to now your partner has not stepped out on you then you are just choosing to be stupid.

Here is how you will know that somebody else is slowly taking up your space. When you are into someone you are always in their space, your attention to them is booked most of the time.

You are quick to reply to their texts, call them often but now that person is not around at the moment. Other men are always gonna hit on your girlfriend, it’s much easier now after a lot of months apart with no sex.

Now she is taking longer to reply to your texts, she doesn’t call back like before, she is under the influence of a new entanglement. Your contract has been terminated pending a possible renewal so I suggest you find yourself something better to do.

I have been seeing a lot of campus students plead with the president to reopen schools. Most of them just miss the party life and most of all they miss fornicating. The dry spell has hit them hard for the past few months and they just want to come back and let off some steam. Few of the lot just want to come back because they really want to study.

Life is too short to be afraid of change, evolving has always been inevitable for human beings. Times are always changing and so we need to adapt.

Don’t ever tie your life or future to someone else that means your success will depend on them also making it. All am trynna say is don’t stress yourself over a relationship, explore and meet other people. Just live life and make sure to enjoy the best it has to offer.

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