Honeymoon with Huddah Monroe. That rhymes pretty good right? She might be addicted to putting a lot of filters to each of her Instagram photos but she’s truly eye-candy. I mean, every time a guy goes through her page he’s left gazing at her curves and flashy photos in awe.

She leads a high – end lifestyle. On a serious note, let’s examine her lifestyle.

This is the first ever photo of hers that I ever saw:


And I saw this one today:


All of this made me realize how different she’s become; both in personality and how she carries herself. A few years ago, as seen in TV interviews, she was less confident and defensive on what she does. She has obviously gotten more money and gone to wherever she’s ever wished to set foot in. Thailand, France, Nigeria, Dubai.

Talking of her being the ultimate honeymoon partner: when she goes to Dubai, she spends her nights in Armani Hotel, the same hotel where popular Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage got married. She’s an experienced wine connoisseur. Her taste for cars is impeccable – her friends drive Lamborghinis and GTAs – as she owns a Range Rover.

These are the photos that will prove my point: