Mafisilets mpo?

Please gather around here. I have just discovered the 15 reasons why rapper Timmy T Dat likes taking off his shirt.

It helps that Timmy TDat has a body that should be bronzed and exhibited at a world class museum. He worked hard for that rock hard torso.

Hence the reason why, he can sit back and not wear any shirt, all day, erryday.

Wasee wa vitambi, you can come and also check out, how you would look like if you took some time to take care of your body.

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Here are 15 reasons why Timmy TDat takes off his shirt at every opportunity he gets.

When he has a chic in the house and there is a dog in the vicinity so he has to take photos

When he has a fishnet vest and so, why not.

When he is horny AF.

When he is in the gym and he wants to see how his rippling muscles are handling the weights he is lifting.

Boy child, listen, if your slay queen is doing this, she is cheating on you

When he has to act like he is not posing for a photo as he pets his designer dog, by the poolside.

When he has a chic in the bathtab and it is about to go down.

When he is drinking champagne

When he is chilling at home and it is only fair to be shirtless because you never know when a photographer might take a photo.

When you are thirsty

When you are hanging out with your dog, what is a shirt for. Really, what is it for?

When you are sweating. Mere mortals keep their clothes on. Not Timmy. Never Timmy.

When your co-worker wants to lick your neck and grab your pecks.

When you are performing

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When taking epic selfies after a shower

When you sit on the hot bonnet of a car and you are like, “Wooof, that heat will kill me.” Ergo, shirt off.

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