Matatu-illustration-Courtesy-steve mchoraji

Our Kenyan roads are like the wild west with road users driving their vehicles like they own the roads.

Road accident
Road accident. photo credit: updatekenya

The worst offenders are normally the matatu drivers who are a law unto themselves. A recent incident has shown their craziness on the road isn’t about to stop. Armstrong Mocha Kaunda is an aggrieved customer who had the misfortune of being stuck in one such vehicle while on a trip to Meru.

He explained all his frustrations in a post on social media. He wrote:

“So yesterday (11/05/2018) tulipanda this mat from Nairobi to Meru around 5p.m. Just around Ngara, other motorists started hooting to the driver that one of his rear tyres was flat. We told him to take the service lane aeke pressure coz it was risky but he was adamant…got into the highway and was accelerating. We told him when we see police officers we will signal them to stop the car but he was very rude and said he himself will stop at where they are if we think they will do anything. So just opposite garden city there was a lady corp controlling traffic…he stopped..the lady asked what the problem was and we asked her to look at the tyre. He asked the guy how he could be driving at the highway with such a tyre, and told him to put the car aside or reverse,get into the service lane and into a petrol station which is right opposite. He refused and sped off. Eventually alijaza pressure tukiwa almost Thika and you could feel the tyre shaking akispeed na akibreak. Ok….

The Matatu
The alleged Matatu

all the way from Kenol to Embu he was on phone with a “girlfriend” because they were flirting about how the lady cancelled a date the day before, what they both like blah blah blah. Was going to Meru but alighted at Embu (and I left him on phone still) to spend there and proceed the following day (today) because I couldn’t risk proceeding to the black spots ahead with such a driver…I hope they arrived safe though because he was driving very recklessly.
Na hii ifikie that Policewomen who was at Thika rd on 11/05/2018 and also ifikie the Sacco management of this mat. Such drivers pose a very great risk to the public. I hope he will be traced and action taken upon him.”

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