Governor Ali Joho

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho issa schnack. Christened the most handsome politician in Kenya, Joho is one stylish man. He beats his counterparts the likes of Governor Cyprian Awiti 10 nil when it comes to fashion. He leads and others follow.

From his well-coiffed facial hair to sexy physique, Joho is Mr steal your girl.

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Well, the Mombasa county boss is currently in Washington, District of Columbia, USA. He shared photos rocking a black plain Versace T-shirt,  a black snapback, a pair of designer white shorts and Versace black velvet crystal embellished corona slip on sneakers.

The black Versace crystal medusa t-shirt is worth Sh6,366.


The Versace black velvet crystal-embellished corona slip-on sneakers cost Sh 53,000.


Sultan’s shoes are also similar to Versace Rock ‘n’ Royalty sneakers.Versace

Below are photos of Governor Joho dripping in Versace.

Governor Joho


He later folded the shorts to above the knee showing off his sexy legs.

Governor Joho Governor Joho

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Reactions include;

kingsting Imeweza 👌🏿

holydavemuthengi Neat look 👌

children_connected_to_streets Story miiiingi ati joho awezienda US…..oooh anatafutwa na Interpol….oooh ati, ati…. Sindiyo huyo ako ndani ya America!! Joho ebu waongezee volume

spannerbwoy Mheshimiwa hizo standards leta nyumbani, we also need good structures, roads, waste management, cleanliness of the streets and so on. Na sheria kali ya kuhukumu those not respecting and maintaining cleanliness in public spaces

georgina_kawi Na si wewe ni mrembo.. 🤔

monatwin It’s s all about Versace

kayeyecomedian Umepiga look 💯

erick.gadaffi I love fashion in you Hon. you are my role model enjoy yourself and take good care of yourself👏

vincent_lion_heart Looking sharp💯🔥

soneylove Nakupenda bure 001

hon_mike_kavisi Versace on point

kamau Wow 001… you’re looking good

diva_viii The shoes🔥

baracudaoilgas Swag king

001_rahman Dope boss

eleanor_otieno Looking neat Mhesh ❤️

lumallaserick how do you feel standing on clean streets

happilovie Smartest guy.

hnymont Looks great sultan

lukaswaswa Our next president is looking awesome

Well below are photos which prove that Joho loves Versace designs, and that his wardrobe isn’t complete without the popular label.

Ps: Most of the shirts the Governor is wearing range between Sh10,000 – Sh30,000

Governor Joho Governor Joho with friend Governor Joho

Governor Joho Governor Joho Governor Joho Governor Joho Governor Joho

Hassan Joho and his brother
Brothers Ali Hassan (R) and Abubakar
Ali Hassan Joho
The Mombasa governor

Ali Hassan Joho Ali Hassan Joho

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