A robbery attempt in a shop in Oyugis town was on Sunday morning thwarted by police who gunned down one suspect as three others fled.

The gang of four engaged police in a fight when the officers confronted them to stop the burglary. The incident occurred around 2 am on Sunday in the town in Rachuonyo South Sub-County.

Police officers heard a commotion of people breaking into a shop before they swung into action.

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Rachuonyo South Sub-County Police Commander, Lilies Wachira said the three suspects escaped after police overpowered them.

“The suspects were armed with crude metallic weapons, which they were using to break into the shop,” she said.

Wachira added that a suspect had already climbed to the roof top of the shop and was cutting the iron-sheets.

“The scuffle began when two of the suspects started throwing weapons at police officers, as others were looking for ways of gaining entry into the shop,” Wachira said.

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The suspect who was killed was armed with a panga and a heavy metallic object. He was shot as he tried to slash a police officer with a matchete.

“He refused to surrender and attacked the police officers,” she added.

The police boss said the officers were responding to a distress call that there were gangsters who were robbing business premises in Oyugis town. She commended residents for the alert and further urged them to work closely with police to improve security in the town, and said they are currently pursuing the other three suspects.

“Anybody with information about the whereabouts of the escapists should report to us,” she said.

The body of the gunned down suspect was moved to Rachuonyo South Sub-County Hospital mortuary.

KNA by Davis Langat

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