There was drama between Zari and socialite Anita Fabiola on stage at Sheraton Hotel Kampala on Friday during the Miss Uganda beauty pageant.

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The event flowed well until the last minute when Zari, who was the chief judge was invited on stage by Anita Fabiola [the MC] to announce the winner.

Zari the bosslady

Fabiola asked Zari to open an envelope containing the name of the winner but instead, she [Zari] told her to do it.

Anita Fabiola: We have our top three right here in this envelope… Mama are you going to do us the honors.

Zari: Girl, you were supposed to do the admin work. I don’t do admin work. (she said while shoving the envelope to Fabiola)

Anita Fabiola: Zari, Zari, Zari. No! Enough (she tried to get the attention of the mother of five but she ignored her.)

The businesswoman went ahead to announce Oliver Nakakande the winner of Miss Uganda 2019/2020.

Miss Uganda
Miss Uganda (C) with Zari and a friend

The 38-year-old mother later addressed the audience explaining her actions, saying it was her way of testing how the show host would react.

The two have been frenemies for the longest time.

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The drama is still the talk of the town with fans of the two taking sides.

Akothee came out to defend her friend and shared the video from the scene.

my b**h the table shaker. when you step on the wrong toes call you in front and don’t allow you to talk. You must know people,’ she posted on Instagram

Check out more comments;

One of the guests at the event said she should admit that she has grown old.

Another one said, “Let Anita also get 5 kids first and if she remains dope like Z then you bring her on to the league otherwise, for now, she is not on Zari’s level.”

Another one commented, “I love Zari and the attention that she gets. No one can outshine her. Last night was all about her an no one else.”

A lady in the audience said, “She is bullying the young girl. That’s wrong.”

Another social media user wrote, “She puts u in yo right place and these slay cartoons when you look at them just yapping mbu their other fool was so humble I wonder they will always remain backwards indeed u disrespect someone on such function without her doing anything I guess that’s why she was dumped by Meddie.”

Another one said, “The host was unprofessional period! Who does that?”