Picture if you would that you have met the love of your life and as a man, you have decided to settle down and set down some roots. As the story goes, boy meets girls, love is born, wedding ensues and follows a baby in a golden carriage. But that is just about it for your fairy tale romance.

Soon, you notice that the woman you have married is not faithful. Not in the least. Neither was she ready to settle down. She is constantly out and about the town painting it red and even forgets to come home over the weekend.

Pub Crawler Chronicles: I Found Out My Favourite Child Is Not Even Mine!


Well, one man found himself in such a conundrum but his reality was far more bizarre as his woman proceeded to leave him with their 7month old baby as she slunk away into the night never to return!

But having outgrown her stupidity, the lass called up Gidi Gidi asking for help on his Mapatinisho segment of his popular morning radio show which he co-hosts with Ghost Mulee and she sought a reconciliation with the husband.

Trust that when he got the call, he wasn’t too keen on hearing her B.S! And things did indeed get heated but what did you expect? But you have to listen to the conversation yourself to fully appreciate the drama and scandal! Check it out below:



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