They are among the top best couples around thus admired by many especially the young people. The power couple have managed to stay together since they got married, unlike other celebrity marriages that barely lasted for a month. 

Recently, Size 8’s husband Dj Moz caused a stir on social media after he posted a message accusing the Mateke hit singer of wearing his clothes even after warning her not to.

“Now I get back home to pick up something and gets her wearing my snap back ,tshirt and shades….advice on what I should do to her…I have told her not to more than enough times… @size8reborn don’t talk to me this whole week”,

He wrote on his Instagram account accompanied by a photo of Size 8 rocking his snap back, t-shirt and shades. Is this not a way of causing unnecessary attention on social media? Anyway, the two lovebirds are in good terms with each other and working round the clock to ensure that Size 8’s mother is treated.

Here is the photo of Size 8 rocking her husband’s outfits


size mo