Dj Kriss Darlin

Dj Kriss Darlin is without doubt one of the best djs in the country. The Dohty Family CEO and Mchaka Mchaka host, prefers to keep his personal life away from the public eye. However, in the last one week, he has found himself right at the centre of attention on social media.

Kriss Darlin

Kriss who happens to have sired 2 children with different women is currently the talk of town after his two baby mamas took to social media to tear into each other. It all started when Elsie Oliech, one of his baby mamas and a sister to the scandalous footballer Dennis “the menace” Oliech, complained about receiving unwarranted threats from some unnamed women. Her followers were generous with advise on what to do; which included suggestions that she should report the matter to the police.