With the gospel industry exploding with an array of accusations, with the recent involving upcoming artiste Ben Libe has come out with a stunning claim. He says that Kaymo of “Thitima” fame conned him late last year.

It all happened when he approached the gospel star for a studio session, but he ended up getting nothing out of it. He had paid the artist on 27th of December but two months later, there has not been material out of it.


“It hurts me a lot that those artistes at the top use us instead of supporting us. I visited him at his studio and played him some of my sample songs. He liked one. Kaymo then said he would make the song even better and that’s when I paid him six thousand shillings through MPesa for the recording. However, since then he has been evading me. At first, he was saying that he is ever busy. I understand that artists are busy because they have shows but this does not add up,” he said painfully.

Kaymo of “Thitima” fame

“He never picks my calls and he even seems to have blocked me since my calls are not going through. I would like to call out these big artistes who are so full of themselves and keep on taking advantage of us upcoming ones. I even wonder if he really does gospel music for legitimate reasons because honestly, he should not have done this to me,” Ben added.

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When I reached out to Kaymo, the artiste said this is all a lie.


“I sent Ben the instrumental. After that, he was not satisfied with it. He said that it does not sound good. So I told him to visit me at the studio we re-do it and he did not come,” he defended himself.

Ben on the other hand insists that he indeed sent him cash and has not gotten his project yet.

“In fact, as of today, he personally called me and told me things that do not make sense. I just want him to refund me since he is not able to honor his words. A big artiste like him cannot lack 6k. He is only beginning to respond because he is aware that word is now out there that he conned me. You know, many people have ways of earning money, perhaps this is the way he gets his. I personally do not have beef with anyone, I just want my money back,” the singer said.

These accusations come at a time when Kenyan entertainer DJ Mo is being accused of asking for a bribe in order to play music for upcoming musicians. He has since downplayed the same, saying it’s people who are jealous of his success and want to bring him down.

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