Bahati Diana Marua

The reason behind Bahati finally deciding to cut off his faux locks has to do with Diana Marua.

She pulled a ‘Samson and Delilah’ move on Bahati.

Diana who was already fed up with the new look Bahati, decided to wait till he was asleep, sneak up to him and cut off a huge chunk of it off.Bahati Diana Marua

This will then have to necessitate the removal of the horrendous locks.

“To tell you the truth, my kids don’t even know if this is daddy, dzaddy, omusakhulu or if this is Ken wa Maria!” Diana said.

Bahati had refused to heed the wife’s pleas to cut off the lock.

“Babe nifanyie favour. Nataka unyoe hizi vitu (Babe, do me a favour, please shave those locks)“ Diana begged.

Bahati blatantly refused, claiming that he had spent a fortune to get the new look.

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Diana continued:

“Morgan did not even recognise the dad when he saw him that morning. But you know what? As I said, I will do what I need to do.”

Now, she has made the decision for him.

She sneaked into their house while Bahati was dead asleep and snipped off some of his faux locks.

Bahati Diana MaruaWhile she was in the middle of her sneaky job, Bahati woke up. Saw pieces of his cut locks and jolted up from his sleeping position heading to the mirror.

Bahati Diana MaruaThe shocked Bahati shouted at his wife:

“Babe ni nini unfanya na nywele yangu?! Kwani unanikata nywele nini? Una ninyoaje nywele?! (Babe, what are you doing to my hair? Wait, are you cutting my hair? How dare you cut my hair?)” 

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Diana just kept mum and hid the scissors.

In a recent Instagram photo, Bahati can be seen showing off his original look.

“New Look… New Season… New Week… NEW DIMENSION IN JESUS NAME #ShavedIT,” he wrote.

Diana is yet to comment on the earring.

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