G$S guard knocked dwn by car

Thomas Momanyi had just finished his night shift at Bank Of Africa on Saturday morning and was making his way home.

A few metres from his work station on Karuna Road, a car making a turn off Waiyaki Way on to the road rammed into him on the kerb where he was walking heading to the bus stop.

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The car ended up on the ditch along the St Mark’s Church fence right across from the Lion Place gate.

A witness who requested for anonymity for fear of recrimination told Mpasho, “It was around 6:30 am when Thomas Momnayi was leaving work when the car that was turning onto Karuna Road in high speed, cut the corner and couldn’t brake fast enough and they lost control and hit Thomas who was walking on the kerb and landed on the ditch.”

The car, a Subaru KBP 355C was being driven by a young man and on the passenger seat was a female companion.

Thomas’s colleague who also work for G4S swung to action and ensured their colleague as rushed to Medanta for medical attention, he was later referred to Kenyatta National Hospital.

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This was after they had called the police from Parklands and Kabete to come to the scene of the accident.

“What happened however was, all over sudden we saw police from Spring Valley at the scene instead,” the witness added.

At the time of going to press, police from Spring Valley had towed the car off to the police station.

The traffic police on the scene identified as Mugambi was headed to Kenyatta to record a statement with Momanyi who is currently receiving treatment.

The accident was recorded under the OB NO: 16/14/12/19 11:20 Hrs.

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