He is one of the most controversial singers in town. Willy Paul’s song Tiga Wana made his name top the charts of the most scandalous gospel artiste and it seems since then, the lad has gotten used to it.

Willy Paul: “Sijawai Lala Na Dame!” So All His Hot Girlfriends Are Really Just Prayer Partners?

Willy Paul is young and human, we must understand that. That said, Pozze’s fans seem to be getting to his throat every time he posts or says anything. Recently, the “I Do” hitmaker was spotted rocking a bandana that had a marijuana label. As I said, I understand him because he is young and famous, but then some of his fans were shocked with the fact that he was  “advertising weed.”

He wrote;

“Family.. what do you think of this pic?”

willy paul

Singer Willy Paul Is BRAGGING…Again. This Is Why

Was Pozze just trying to make headlines? I mean, he has to be in every fan’s mouth before his rival overtakes him, right?

Check out how he was attacked by his fans;

“Muyanzi isaac: Now day am wondering uko wapi,are you for Jesus or devil?sasa vitambaa vya bangi

Brayo pinch: Misleading, you are a gospel image not a social image thats rastafarinism wich teach totaly difrent ethics,values & norms from christianism

Aggie sakata: I think u av fallen in love with earthly tings,,,,,, Jipe raha

Gardafih_luther_: chingAhhhhhhhhh hiyo bantanna … weed is herb piga kazi

wamalwa oscar: i know its because of alain but my bro hiyo scaff ni ya rastafarians and ganjasmokers

wilfred_mulitani: Hio kitambaa imechorwa bangi do you smoke weed?

manuhr_koech: ????, what for brother? That is why your misic has little sense of christ’s gospel! ????????”