Akothee and Zari

Rumour has been going round for a few months that Akothee and her on-and-off best friend Zari Hassan are no longer close.

This was after the self-proclaimed president of single mothers unfollowed Zari on Instagram.

The two women were planning to hold a women’s conference in Kenya in August last year but postponed it.

Zari and AKothee

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Akothee through a post she shared on social media, revealed that she is unfriending fake friends. She also rubbished claims she isn’t in good terms with Zari.

It doesn’t have to be breaking news when I decide to unfollow some of my colleagues in the Industry of social media, it’s away of getting fresh air. I have not broken up with anyone, I can’t just continue pretending we are still buddies/friends, but not social media mates 👊👊. I unfollowed a number of celebs yesterday, reasons best known to me.  I will soon block some who chat me on inbox/ DM, I just learnt they don’t follow me 🤣 but I don’t know how they get to see my shit and come on inbox and never comment on my wall. I am afraid they say opposite things to other people, I hate people who adore me in secret but try to play power games with me. We are not fans neither are we in competition. I love and respect people. The only thing I can’t do is I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PRETEND AND THIS DAY HAD TO COME ,’ she wrote in part.

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She continued;

Some of them I would defend with my uterus when they are attacked, but they will not come to my rescue when it’s my turn 🤣🤣, they will coil their tail and come back when the storm is calm🤣🤣, but I understand, maybe they fear bloggers or they have underlying issues, some of them never shared my work , but they will laugh at my funny videos and even go ahead and post my funny videos content on their walls, to get more likes and comments, If you can’t share my work, dont share my videos too 👊.
Some of them I sent my songs everytime I released a song, not even one day will they post my song, they will tell me Ooh, I will post on the weekends,na hiyo inaisha hivyo, but they will come on WhatsApp like ” hey giiiiiiirl ” as if nothing happened. Some will only comment when the topic on my wall is trending, just to get relevance and people be commenting under their comments for clout, I can’t keep up with a fake social media stupid games. some follow me with pseudo accounts later forget and say, ‘ooh you know I saw you on Instagram’, and I wonder how any celeb who feels I am irrelevant in their follow button,can also unfollow, its cleansing month. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF AND GET SOME PEACE IF IT DOESN’T INSPIRE YOU ANYMORE! UNFOLLOW. PEACE ! PEACE ! PEACE!

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