Nicah The Queen has had it rough basically most of her life in the public eye. She will forever be known as Ofwenke’s ex every time her face pop’s up. So sad because I doubt the opposite applies.

This time her association to the public eye is not Ofweneke but her not so good makeup. She has been posting a picture of her in a dera and her makeup is very loud and of course, you know the Kenyans and trolling, always waiting for that one opportunity.

This, however, did not stop her from silencing her haters and who does not love a good comeback? She took to her social media and said:

Mniwache prisss…..when I don’t apply make up ohhh that’s how she looks without make up?oooh she should just apply make up.when she applies make up..ohh that’s too much,oooh you need to do it like this n this….hii make up niko kupaka my friends na sijaweka Ile ujuzi yangu nilijifunza UKπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ btw hiyo eyebrow pencil ni ya black!!!!wacha kwanza niende niwaekee baby hair hapo nini…lol

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Nicah’s haters did not stop there after her public announcement. Here are some of the harsh comments:


Cyprian:Hizo lips ni zako ama za kuchorwa

Magy: Are you bleaching ama ni filter za Tecno?alafu the eyebrows are too dark unanishtua

Ogeorge: Whats with this make up thing even very beautiful ladies seem to over do it

Linus: You look plastic

Magy: Sawa endelea kushtua watu unakaa mchawiKamau: Unakaa ni kama unaenda auditions za oga moviesπŸ˜‚

From the pictures you be the judge because this Kenyan streets are so tough yo!