Dr. Ofweneke
Dr. Ofweneke

Dr. Ofweneke’s love story has been all over the internet so we all know Niccah The Queen.

Niccah is a voluptuous girl with short hair who has been trolled once in a while because of her make up especially her eyebrows.

Dr. Ofweneke and Nicah the Queen


A few months ago she was trending after pictures of her and Harmonize in a house were leaked that suggested they had a thing.

Niccah denied it, of course, I mean have you seen Harmonize’s girlfriend? She has proven she is not one to mess around with especially when it comes to her man.

Ofweneke had an interview with DNG and confessed that he likes his women with short hair. Could this be what attracted him to Niccah?

Well, he also said that the main reason is it is a very economical lifestyle.

 want a woman with short hair because that is an economical marriage. there will be no lies on the cost of weaving ooh 3000. No we go together

He also opened up saying that he needs to get married. He cannot be having friends who have invested in rings and weddings and he is busy investing in duvets to get through the cold season.

Kula tu kwa macho! Meet Dr. Ofweneke’s sexy Personal Assistant

Now you know the first thing he ticked on his list of the woman he wants after he saw Niccah.

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