Comedian Dr. Kingori has joined Nairobi’s league of dads and he took to his Instagram account to show his fans and the world his daughter’s face.

Dr King'ori
Dr King’ori with his wife

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After announcing that he was expecting a baby with his wife in December, the comedian  recently came out to share a photo with his new born daughter for the first time.

The funny man shared the lovely photo above and captioned it as follows:

I speak baby already. I’ve decided to teach this young lady as early as NOW. Ubaya wa watoto wa siku hizi hawezi kukuskiza akiona TV

Judging from his facial expression it’s clear that this first time dad wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Here are some of the congratulatory messages from his Instagram fans:

shany_ndesh: Forehead na kichwa n copyright yako.. Anyway congratulations

francefrankey: Congrats brother.. Anza Ku change pampers sasa..

blessednimoh:Congratulations mr wicked edition & family…..may she grow to find favour in the eyes of God and people.

judekym:Nikizaliwa nilipata babangu akiwa na TV show mzima ” si kisichana kata flexia future classmates bana.. Congrats

commentator254: Kichwa kama ya babake kweli….hongera sana daktarii