Crime. photo credit: colourbox

Residents of Kadie village  in Rachuonyo   were on Sunday morning shocked  after  two girls who had gone missing were found death in unclear circumstance  at  a pool of water in a pit where a Chinese company constructing the Misambi –Ekerenyo road had excavated Murram.

The Two girls Rosemary Akinyi  15 and and Evaline Akinyi 17 ,  who are sisters were pupils at Kadie primary school in Rachuonyo east sub-county.

The girls went missing on Saturday when they left home to their farm to collect sweet potatoes   after  being sent  of their parents

The victims’ father Joseph Obudho said the girls  left home on Saturday to go and bring sweet potatoes from their farm but  never came back.

He said their mother became suspicious but thought the children might have gone to visit   one of their relatives .

However when they confirmed they weren’t at the relative’ home , the mother became more worried on the whereabouts of her daughters.

Obudho  said the mother then left  to the farm which is slightly far from home, but she  was shocked to see at the farm the gunny bags the girls carried from home and the potatoes still lying uncollected.

He  said  when  the mother saw the potatoes and the bags she started conducting a  search in the surrounding area alone.

The father said  before long the  mother saw a body floating in the water with clothes resembling those of one of her daughter Rosemary Akinyi. She raised alarm and people came out and retrieved the body  from the quarry.

After retrieving the body, the residents with the help of divers from Nyakach searched for the other girl, Evaline Akinyi, the whole day until 3 pm when the body was found.

Area sub County police commander Givinalis Barasa confirmed the incident and said the bodies were transferred to Rachuonyo level four hospital mortuary to a wait postmortem as investigations on the incident starts.

KNA by Moseti Julius