Machachari director

The acting fraternity of popular kids’ show, Machachari, is mourning the death of director Mburu Kimani’s wife.

Kimani’s wife, Mary Mukiri, succumbed to cancer yesterday while undergoing treatment at Texas cancer centre.

Mary Mukiri

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In an exclusive interview with, Mburu said,

She was diagnosed with lung cancer six months ago and lost the battle. She was going through chemotherapy at Texas cancer center.

He added that having a cancer patient isn’t easy

It hurts to see someone who was healthy and okay just die like that. 


You have to be courageous and strong for them (cancer patients). Cancer leaves one malnourished, drains your pocket and even after that she didn’t make it. 

Mary died aged 40.

Causes of lung cancer include;


Exposure to secondhand smoke

Exposure to random gas

Exposure to asbestos and other carcinogens

Family history of lung cancer.

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According to Mburu, his wife wasn’t a smoker and they’re yet to understand how she developed the disease.

The death of his wife leaves him a widower with four kids and their last born child is two years old.

Many are confusing the late Mary for Wanjiku Mburu (Mama Baha on Machachari.)

Machachari director Mburiu Kimani and Wanjiku Mburu

The couple’s 10-year-old daughter, Janice is popularly known for playing the role of Shi on Machachari was cast as Millie’s best friend. Millie is Baha’s younger sister.

The burial arrangements are underway and the tragedy struck barely a week after Machachari was ‘scripted’ off Citizen TV.

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