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Being the weekend, chances are that someone will take a one night stand home. No one ever plans on being a one-night stand, it just happens.

It’s what some may call exploring.

Here are things to consider when taking a one night stand.

Avoid taking them to your house

We all know that Nairobi ni shamba la mawe so the best advise is avoid taking a one night stand to your house as you may end up getting robbed.

It wouldn’t be surprising to find your house swept clean of everything.

And if you do take a one night stand home. Ensure that they do not know where you keep your keys.

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Don’t carry all your ATM cards with you

Having all your eggs (ATM cards) in one basket increases the chances of being robbed.

We have in the past heard of cases where people are dragged and money cleaned from their bank accounts so don’t be a victim.


The safest way to protect yourself is by wearing a condom during coitus.

As we all know some women are crazy and wouldn’t hesitate to trap you with a baby if need be. Furthermore wearing a condom protects you from STI’s and STD’S.

Leave important stuff in your car or a safe

If you have a car it’s important to leave stuff you deem important there, in case you are staying in a hotel where there is a safe, my advice would be to take advantage and keep your things there.

No phones

This reduces the chance of you being recorded and blackmailed or exposed later.

After all, has been said and done, have fun, smash like there is no tomorrow.

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