Bungoma men have been asked to seek s@x elsewhere and leave teenage girls alone by Catherine Wambilianga, a Woman Representative.

This was after she raised the red flag over increased cases of defilement.

Speaking to the Star on Saturday, the legislator stated that she would be moving around the county sensitizing young girls against the consequences of sleeping with men.

“There are increased cases of men defiling young girls.

This has resulted to a number of them getting pregnant, some contracting s@xually transmitted diseases including HIV/Aids while others have dropped out of school.

This behavior must stop forthwith,” she said.

The lawmaker attributed increased child defilement cases to poverty, poor upbringing and ignorance on the side of the victims.

“We will be having a long holiday in the school calendar.

Parents will be at home with their children for more than two months.

She added

It is during this period that a number of girls fall victim to those who prey on them.
Let’s get our children busy so that they don’t have time for idling around,”
she said.

Catherine Wangamati

Wambilianga called on parents and guardians to take good care of their daughters to stop them from falling into s@xual traps.

She said disco matanga is one of the events where girls are defiled and should be outlawed.

“Disco matanga should be banned. They have no importance at all.

We should restrict our young girls from attending such night vigils but instead use the free time to study hard in preparation for the reopening of schools next year,” she said.

The MP said the law is clear that men who would have s@x with young girls should be jailed.

Her sentiments were echoed by the wife of Bungoma governor Caroline Wangamati who stated that she will organize meetings to train trainers who will educate the community to help stop early pregnancy among teenage girls.

“Our girls are not safe at all.

Men should stop engaging them in s@x at an early age.

Let our young girls learn and they may think of such acts once they are adults. We must stop defilement at all costs,” she said.

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