Jasper Muthomi, popularly known as MC Jessy, is one comedian who has won the hearts of many.

The Churchill Show/Raw comedian had an exclusive interview with Mpasho, where he denied rumours the show underpays comedians.

“They come while they are fresh and some don’t even have the money. Let’s take an example of MCA Tricky. He came the way he was and he is great today. Comedian YY came the same way and he is good right now. Eddie Butita came from Kariobangi and now he is doing international shows,” MC Jessy said.

A while back, Rapcha, a radio presenter and a former Churchill Show comedian, claimed the show’s organisers pay talent peanuts. Once, he went home with a mere Sh4,000.

Jessy rubbished the claims.

“Alikuanga Churchill zamani, so hayuko… That was his opinion, but you need to look at the results, kwa sababu mti unajulikana na matunda yake. I went to Churchill Show, see my life now. It is the same way for MCA Tricky, David the Student, Professor Hamo, Chipukeezy, Eric Omondi and the rest who joined the show.”


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He went on to say, “If you are coming there to look for money you will fail, but if you are coming for destiny, you will succeed. The money aspect can’t even be discussed because you can’t even quantify to give a value for them when it comes to money, but their worth is determined by how they live their life, not how much they earn.

“You don’t remember what car Martin Luther King and Mandela used to drive because they are not defined by cars or how much they made but they are great people.”

Talking about his rumoured relationship with presenter-cum-actress Shix Kapyenga, Jessy said:

“Ask me about me, I don’t like talking about my personal relationships. It is irrelevant and a non-issue. Mostly what I’m interested in from people, is the impact they have on me. I will never talk about my personal life anywhere.”

So what does he look for in his ideal woman? “Brains and intellect are my like poles.”

The comedian told his fans to watch out for big things to come.