Joy Kawira Furaha

Life is unfair. We are not equal. That’s why we have a big gap between the rich and the poor. We cannot all live the same lifestyles. The rich have everything, they lack nothing. While the poor or the middle class struggle to make ends meet and aspire to get a more comfortable lifestyle.

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Well, popular Papa Shirandula’s Kawira Joy has decided to advise Kenyans in a long post she shared on Facebook. Kawira has advised Kenyans to believe in themselves and not to compare themselves to others.

‘If a rose smells better than cabbage, It doesn’t mean the rose can make a better stew. 

Don’t try to compare yourself too much to others. You also have your own strength, search on it and build on it. You may make better stew than they think.
Smile always.’

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Kawira went ahead to advise Kenyans to always work hard and never look down on themselves.

“All animals that exist, were in Noah’s ark.
A snail is one of those animals. If God could wait long enough for snails to enter Noah’s ark; His door of grace won’t close till you reach your expected position in life.
Never look down on yourself, keep looking up. Broken crayons still colours.
Have a blessed moment ahead and colour up,” posted Kawira.

Many have praised Kawira for these encouraging words and let’s hope Kenyans will follow her advice.