Bahatis baby mama vs Diana

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Abura has moved on after breaking up with the singer three years ago.

Speaking to us last week, she said,

This guy, even thinking about him alone gives me chills because he is such a nice guy.

However, she will not post him on social media “because everyone will be having their opinion on him”.

“I only posted him once, although I did not show his face. I love him so much and I thank God for him as well,” she said.

Bahati with his daughter, Mueni
Bahati with his daughter, Mueni

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Although Bahati has also moved on as well, the two are still on good terms with his baby mama because they have a daughter together. She said,

I have not told Bahati anything about my personal life because everything we discuss is about Mueni. 

Early this year, Bahati was seen on his weekly show, ‘Being Bahati’, walking with Mueni into one of the most prestigious and expensive schools in Kenya, Potter House.


Yvette would not be drawn into discussing the development but welcomed it. She said;

I don’t have anything to say because it’s her dad who is paying for her school fees. If he can afford it okay, I am very happy because my child will be in a good school.

“Anything that Bahati chooses to do for his daughter Mueni, I cannot stop him. After all, he is the dad and I don’t want him to feel like I am putting a wall to block him from supporting his child.”

Unlike most baby daddies who abandon their children, Yvette acknowledges that Bahati is always there for his daughter, and he fully supports her.

However, Yvette has never met Bahati’s current wife Diana Marua, despite the many times her daughter Mueni visits the dad’s house. Even during Mueni’s birthday party, Yvette did not invite her. She said;

We don’t talk but if we did, I would have invited her. After all, she is the wife to my daughter’s dad, and she bonds and even talks with my daughter,”

Being in the limelight comes with trolls, which Yvette has been ignoring. She said;

It is always said when you are loved by all then there is something wrong with you. I have been trolled much. People said I am fat, others said I am ugly and some even claimed that I am 40 years old.

“I am only 26 years so I don’t care because I don’t want to concentrate on what this person is saying. It will interfere with what I am doing with my life.”

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