Swahili RnB singer Juma Jux has adviced his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Mdee who is currently dating Rotimi to think twice about her decision.

Vanessa has in the past opened up about being depressed and suicidal when she and Juma Jux fell out.

She then got into a relationship with Hollywood actor and singer Rotimi. She shocked her fans when she announced that she has quit music.

Well, Jux, her ex-lover while talking to Wasafi Media adviced people not to make such decisions.

“Don’t let you life depend on someone. Love someone but don’t make it as though, if she/he is not there, everything goes wrong, no. There are second chances in life. Vanessa and I separated, I got into a relationship that i was happy and now she is in a relationship. And thats how life is. Right now, I can’t say because of that, I will kill myself or leave music no. Because of love? No, I can’t do that.”


“Love at the moment. if things happen, move on another person will come along. We can see she is happy, if everything is good, thats okay and when people are happy, the beef ends.”

Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux
Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux

Jux then insisted, after being asked why he played a part in the heartbreak of Vee Money.

“Don’t leave your career or have suicidal thoughts because of love. Think about your mother who carried you for nine months, your friends and those people that helped you prosper. Life goes on”

Jux is set to have a ladies only show over the weekend.

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