Binyavanga Wainaina

Did Binyavanga predict his death? Last year on January 13, 2018, Binyavanga shared a post telling his followers not to mourn him when he’s dead but celebrate his life.

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The famous Kenyan gay author, in his powerful message, said that he had fulfilled his dreams and was not afraid to die.

The day I did a ceremony I heard from my sangoma to put me in touch with my ancestors. I had to be near a river.

I had this stroke because I did not recognize them. they saved my life because they had more for me in this world. I am very happy and fulfilled now, and nearly healed from trauma of nearly dying

I do not fear death anymore. I just have one thing to do this year. If I die anytime after that it is okay. I have already reconciled myself with that. I would like to live a long life after I do what I need to do this year. If I don’t live for long after this, it is okay. Celebrate my life! Do not mourn me.

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