Woe unto you, all yee mpango wa kandos.

Married men have declared their stand! Hawabanduki.

According to many, you are just options, not their number ones. Married Kenyan men have admitted to having side dishes and so have their wives accepted.

Some women nowadays have no problem with their husband quenching their thirst elsewhere as long as they respect them and come back home after whoring.

Recently, a Kenyan woman gave her husband’s mpango wa kando a go-ahead to entertain her husband only on one condition.

“Do it somewhere else, not in my matrimonial bed.”

‘Panua Hiyo P**** Yako Mbali, Not In My Matrimonial Bed!’ Kenyan Woman Viciously Attacks Her Husband’s Mpango Wa Kando

Screenshots of Kenyan men discussing Mpango wa kandos have gone viral.

In the screenshots, there are five different men airing their views on the so-called side dishes and some did not mince their words on these beauties out here breaking marriages, a clear indication that they love their wives so much.

Here is what some had to say;

“Whether you summersault on the bed or squirt vodka just know that you can never and I mean never be my wife and leave her for you even if she snores like a 17th cenytury train. You packaged yourself as a tissue paper and as you know once tissue paers are used they are dumped. So once am done with you ,you just get lost, simple,” one wrote

“When my wife calls don’t even dare sneeze. If it really comes meza blanket,” commented another social media user.

“Don’t try to talk shit about my wife, you will never replace her.
Don’t mention the words “children” in our conversation, I will drop you like a hot potato. siku yako ni friday..izo zingine ni za bibi yangu. Ukinipea missionary, tunawachana. missionary ni ya bibi, i can let her do that. wewe kazi yako ni unipee styro za kichina,” READ ANOTHER COMMENT. 


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“I only hold doors for my wife. Wewe ukisha watch soap operas alafu uniletee mimi ati “Kwani you can’t hold the door for me?” Pris tuwachane na si tafadhali,” wrote another one.

“Remember I only come to you when am not in good terms with my wife. So it’s your duty to calm me down and sooth me. Once I am Ok i GO BACK TO MY WIFE. rEMEMbER YOUR WORK IS LIKE THAT OF AN EXHAUSTER EMPtying the sewers when the toilets are full,” another one wrote.